Laser Acne Treatment: The Complete Reviews

laser acne treatment

Laser acne treatment is one of the modern acne treatments. This treatment does not take long so much in demand of those with acne. Laser acne treatment can treat acne that is very difficult to remove. If all this time you’ve been trying to get rid of acne in various ways but to no avail, you can try laser treatment for this acne.

What is laser acne treatment

The laser is one form of visible light that can penetrate objects. With increasing technological advances, lasers are now widely used for health and beauty purposes. In beauty, a laser is commonly used to remove acne scars with relatively fast time, it also feels baseball sick, and baseball many requirements. Other advantages, laser cleanse face on target and baseball cause injury.

Who needs laser acne treatment?

Laser treatment is not the only option to get rid of acne. However, acne treatment can be a faster solution to get rid of your acne. The laser is a modern technique that is much faster to give results than natural acne treatment. If you have severe acne, this method can be selected.

The technique of eliminating acne with laser light can eliminate various types of acne, even with very severe acne levels. Also, those who have acne scars, pockmarks and other skin problems can opt for laser techniques.

Laser therapy Types

There are several types of laser light that you should know before trying this acne removal technique. Some types of laser light include:

  1. Laser Ndyag

The Ndyag laser type is a laser beam that is useful for removing unwanted body hairs. This laser can remove armpit hairs, feathers on the legs and hands that interfere.

  1. CO2 laser

CO2 laser is useful for removing facial scars such as acne scars, burns, incisions and removing moles. This type of laser is used to smooth the face and make skin more supple.

  1. Erbium Glass Laser

This laser is used to remove acne, prevent acne and inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Also, Erbium Glass laser also removes acne scars quickly. The result, you can get smooth skin and acne free.

  1. Laser Q Switched Nd YAG

This laser is used to overcome black spots on the face, remove birthmarks and tattoos. Also, Q switched Nd YAG laser is also used to overcome hyperpigmentation.

Laser acne treatment benefits

  • Eliminate acne
  • Eliminate acne scars
  • Smooths the skin of wounds caused by acne, severe injuries, and minor injuries
  • Whiten and smooth the skin color
  • Eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate facial skin
  • Eliminating moles
  • Eliminate spots on the face
  • Eliminate black spots acne scars
  • Eliminate smooth wrinkles around the eyes
  • Stimulates collagen faster without having to damage the upper skin tissue

How laser acne treatment work?

The technique of removing the graffiti with laser light in principle is to destroy the outermost layer of skin or epidermis. This method makes wounds or inflammation in the skin using the help of laser light. The strong light from the laser can penetrate the skin layer, then injure the outer skin surface.

Once inside the skin tissue, laser light will stimulate the production of collagen and cell renewal, to tighten the skin. Then the layer of damaged skin is slowly disappearing, so it will grow a new layer of skin from the bottom. Laser treatment usually takes about 60 minutes, depending on the patient’s acne scars. There will be a downtime, but you can still move usually. It just takes special care and care after you do laser acne treatment.

Laser light works by using a vacuum that can suck all the dirt inside the pores. With this power vacuum then blackheads and pus can be removed from a pimple. After that, the laser beam will kill the acne bacteria on your skin. Irradiation is done not only once but can be 2 to 3 times to clean the wounds and acne scars. The success of this wound healing can be up to 100% effectiveness. Even laser treatment is also included in other therapies to make skin more groomed and free from acne growing.

Treatment after laser

After you undergo laser acne treatment, you need advanced treatment. This treatment is so important that you get the best results. Treatment after acne laser treatment should be done routinely.

Here are the treatments for laser acne treatment

  • Avoid faces from direct sun exposure for 2 weeks. It would be better after doing acne treatment; you are silent at home. If you have to go out, you can use a hat or umbrella to protect your face.
  • For 3 days after a laser acne treatment, your facial skin should not be exposed to water
  • You should use the cream your doctor recommends after performing this technique
  • After the fourth and fifth days, your face may be exposed to water but only water
  • On the sixth day, you can use facial wash to wash your face

The Pluses of laser acne treatment

There are several benefits you choose to eliminate acne with laser treatment. Acne laser treatment has several advantages including:

  1. Not causing pain

Laser acne does not cause excessive pain, even if the first time the skin is exposed to a laser beam, you can feel a burning sensation. The taste is only temporary.

  1. It does not take long

One of the benefits of laser light to remove acne is a short time. You do not take long to get rid of acne. You only need a short time to undergo this nurse, of course very different if you choose other acne treatment.

  1. Effectively kills bacteria

Laser light is beneficial to kill the bacteria that cause acne. Sibar lasers scatter the acne-causing bacteria in the facial skin so that the acne does not reappear.

  1. Reduce the pain on the skin

Laser acne treatment can reduce the pain of the skin caused by inflammation of acne. Laser light helps to reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness caused by acne.

  1. Reduce excess oil

Laser light not only helps eliminate your acne, but the laser can also reduce the excess oil on the face. Oil on the face is one cause of acne.

The minutes of laser acne treatment

Although acne laser treatment has quite a lot of benefits, the technique to eliminate acne is also a negative impact includes:

  1. Skin feels hot

When you undergo laser acne treatment, the laser beam touches the skin and makes the skin feel as hot as burning in the sun. The rays of the radiating laser are about your skin directly. This irradiation process also causes pain. If you want to get maximum results, then you should feel the pain first. Although not comfortable, the heat will soon disappear.

  1. Swelling occurs

After the process of laser acne treatment, then chances are you will experience reddish on the skin. You can also feel the itching on the already laser, even swelling. But do not worry, the condition is very common, and it only takes about a week to eliminate it.

  1. Irritation

After undergoing laser treatment, you still have to be careful during the recovery process. Many doctors advise you not to touch, rub, or even scratch the skin that is exposed to laser light. If you scratch or rub the skin that is already in the laser beam, this will make acne scars can be irritated. And if it happens it can have an unacceptable result on acne treatment, making a faceless smooth as before.

  1. Darkening of the skin

After undergoing acne laser acne treatment, you can also experience exfoliation. This process is only a few moments.

  1. Skin should not be exposed to sunlight

To get the best results from acne treatment with laser light, you must obey the rules that the doctor determined. After the irradiation process is done, the patient should not be exposed to direct sunlight. During the recovery process is still in progress, the patient should not be in the sun, to avoid infection.

  1. The skin becomes dry

For specific skin after getting the laser beam will make your skin smooth to dry. So do not be surprised if after you undergo laser acne treatment, your skin becomes dry.

  1. Permanent skin damage

Error handling laser treatment can make skin permanently damaged. Laser treatment makes skin burn and some other effects. If the procedure of acne removal is not done well, then it can cause permanent skin damage.