How to get rid of adult acne: 10 Home Remedies with Lemon

how to get rid of adult acne

How to get rid of adult acne? Here we will share information again how you can reduce and overcome adult acne quickly and inexpensively. Yess, you can use lemon to get rid of adult acne.

Lemon is one fruit with high vitamin C content and rich in antioxidants that help overcome your various skin problems. Here, you can learn how to get rid of adult acne with 10 home remedies. Remember, you can do it at home and no need much money to lose your acne.


What is adult acne?

Acne happens when the oil glands at the bottom of hair follicles become infected and inflamed. Adult acne is acne that’s suffered over age 20. Adult acne on the opposite hand is a skin condition which affects a specific age group of adults as opposed to adolescents. You don’t have to live with acne. Acne is likewise not contagious! The very first step in treating men’s adult acne is to know how to get rid of adult acne which are made for your skin type.

Acne is usually a four-step course of action. It is a common teenager problem that is expected to clear away by the time someone is over 20 years old. No one can say the causes of adult cystic acne. Acne can be especially frustrating for adults. It can also be the result of the wrong skin care products and certain medications. Adult acne in men can be unbelievably embarrassing.

Acne is usually called the skin disorder of teenagers. Adult Acne is growing increasingly common. Sometimes, it could also be significant, solid, painful lumps that happen beneath the surface of the skin. For some, acne is merely a teenage memory. Adult Acne is understood to be occurring from age 24 and older since follicles, and their oil glands don’t quit developing until age 23. You must be especially attentive when treating adult acne in pregnancy since you don’t need to harm the unborn baby.


Adult acne causes

  • Lack of maintaining facial hygiene
  • Hormone factor
  • Stress
  • Food
  • Wrong choose cosmetics

Lemon substances

  1. Vitamin A

Lemon is most famous for its refreshing taste. It has advantages not only for acne treatment but also for skin care. It contains a high level of vitamin C, so it helps cure urinary tract infections such as cystitis, reduce gastric inflammation as well as remove harmful bacteria. For this reason, you should add lemon juice to your everyday meals or a warm blend of water and lemon juice to appreciate its vast advantages.

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin needs differ with age and several other facets. Vitamins ought to be taken in large quantity as they’re vital in gaining height. Every vitamin appears to have a specific part to play in normal body function. Vitamin B is believed to be an antioxidant vitamin. The prenatal vitamins can also result in a metallic taste in some women that are pregnant. It’s the more straightforward approach to getting natural minerals and vitamins.

  1. Vitamin C

While not frequent, some folks experience burning or itching while using the vitamin C process. There are a couple of things that we want to note about vitamin C. It helps the body to absorb iron, so a glass of orange juice a day can double the amount of metal available for use in the body. Aside from that, it has also vitamin C that is an incredibly capable element for those people dangerous for adult acne treatment.

  1. Astringent

Whenever your skin is pH-balanced, it’s calmer and much healthier. It is additionally a fantastic astringent for the skin. Ideally, you need to use an astringent for excessively oily skin twice every day or every other day, depending upon your skin’s tolerance. Aside from earning your skin feel taut, astringents may also remove residues together with oil. It’s antibacterial and is helpful for how to get rid of adult acne. If you’ve got dry skin, it’s most efficient to keep away from them as astringents can further dry it out and lead to irritation.

  1. Citric Acid

Citric acid is one of the common citric materials used in cosmetic. This substance can be used for any cosmetic products. The function of citric acid itself is to regulate the balance or ph acid. The function of citric acid for beauty include : eliminate wrinkles, eliminate scars, eliminate acne, decrease the pores, softens skin, removes dead cells clogging the pores and softens skin.

  1. Essential oils

Essential oils being so potent, you need to ask your physician first when you have never used them before, to make sure to can use them without the problem! It’s important not to forget that essential oils are potent for your healthy skin. Essential oils possess a vast range of healing properties which can be used effectively to keep you in the very best of health together with looking good. They have a vast array of practical applications. Organic essential oils are occasionally called Aromatherapy body oils since crucial oils are employed in Aromatherapy as remedies for all types of health conditions.

  1. Flavonoids

Flavonoids are very good to eat or use topically for people that have dry skin. It is also famous for its anti-aging and skin softening properties and as an adult acne treatment. So, it’s essential to safeguard and nourish our skin to be sure it stays healthy. It is appropriate for all skin types. You can use the fresh orange skin either, or you could use the peels that have been sun-dried for a couple of weeks till they are scorched and brittle.

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Glycolic acid comes from raw sugar and is frequently utilized in used in clear facial washes because it’s water soluble. It is a type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid. On the flip side, alpha hydroxy acids are usually employed for skin that’s coagulated and harmed by sunburns and were penetrating the skin isn’t much complicated. They are very popular for one main reason, they’ve been shown to decrease the signs of aging, making the skin appear smoother and less mottled. They can also help tackle the buildup of sebum to prevent breakouts and get rid of adult acne. They may even stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Alpha hydroxy acids in various concentrations are employed in chemical peels.


Lemon benefits

By using lemon, you will get some benefits below:

  • Smooth the skin
  • Brighten the skin
  • Accelerate the formation of new skin cells
  • Fade acne scars
  • Reduce black spots
  • Eliminate acne
  • Eliminate blackheads
  • Reduce and eliminate inflammation
  • Flatten skin tone
  • Prevent skin wrinkles

How to get rid of adult acne with Lemon

  1. Make a lemon as mask

The lemon mask is one of the easiest ways to get rid of acne. You can make your lemon mask at home in this way.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon mask

  • Prepare two lemons
  • Prepare 1 cup of clean water
  • Squeeze the lemon and grab the water
  • Combine lemon juice and water, mix well and use a mask
  • Apply a mask on your face and leave for 30 minutes
  • Afterwards, wash your face with warm water
  • Use a lemon mask twice a week
  1. Lemon and egg white

Lemon and egg white is an excellent all-natural acne treatment, as it consists so many nutrients that you truly don’t require different shampoos, conditioners, or other high-end hair care serums or similar products. It’s possible also to utilize cool lemon juice around the eyes to take care of dark circles beneath the eyes.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon and egg white

  • Prepare 1 egg and take the egg whites only
  • Prepare 1 lemon fruit
  • Squeeze the lemon and grab the water as juice
  • Mix the lemon juice and egg whites evenly and use as a mask
  • Apply a mask on your acne skin and let stand for 30 minutes
  • Afterwards clean your face with warm water, repeat with cold water
  • Use an egg white mask and lemon juice twice a week for best results
  1. Lemon and baking soda

Lemon and baking soda which may be discovered in your kitchen can reduce fibroids or cyst since it’s an alkaline substance. Finally, it can be used for adult acne treatment at home. It is a natural product that is perfect for anyone who wants to get rid of acne. Because it is a pure item, baking soda may be used for things like brushing your teeth. Even if cooking soda is employed as a water stain remover, there are only a few men and women using it with vinegar. It is also a great room deodorizer. Baking soda or lemon extract can be utilized to combat the terrible smell.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon and baking soda

  • Prepare 2 lemons, squeeze and take the juice
  • Prepare 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • Combine baking soda and lemon juice to form a paste and can be used as a mask
  • Apply face mask on your acne, leave on for 30 minutes
  • After that, wash your face
  • Use a baking soda and lemon mask twice a week until the acne is gone
  1. Cucumber and lemon mask

How many times you may safely use a mask will be contingent on your skin type? Facial masks aren’t only for refreshing our skin and making it appear younger and healthy, but also it relaxes us. For example, mixing lemon juice with cucumber to produce a mud facial mask is known to work in eliminating acne. If you wish to use a facial mask, you’ve got two options. The facial mask will allow you to attain a better skin texture and it is likely to make your skin clearer. It’s either to purchase commercial facial masks or to create your very own facial mask at home.

You may always lower the quantity of lemon in your masks if you locate your skin is too sensitive to it. Wash the face well and make sure that each of the masks has been taken away. Third, most homemade face masks will ask you to mix natural ingredients, so you’re guaranteed that there’s no any harsh chemical in the entire solution or mixture. The face masks are created from cucumber and lemon, and for that reason, there’s no danger of any side-effects. You can make your face masks with a reach of ingredients from your kitchen and garden. If you create your homemade face mask, you can be sure that you are putting only the excellent stuff on your face without the extra chemicals.

How to get rid of adult acne with cucumber and lemon

  • Prepare 1 lemon, wring it and take the water
  • Prepare 1 medium-sized cucumber then cut and blend until smooth
  • Mix the cucumber smooth and lemon juice until blended
  • Clean your face with warm water
  • Apply cucumber and lemon mask on your face and leave for 30 minutes
  • Afterwards, clean your face
  • Use cucumber and lemon masks twice a week
  1. Lemon and honey

As stated earlier, you will see a difference after you use lemon and honey in your face, In either circumstance, lemon and honey are a terrific natural acne treatment, as it consists so many nutrients which you don’t require different shampoos, conditioners, or other high-end hair care serums or similar products. You’ve got a healthier lemon juice ready.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon and honey

  • Prepare 2 teaspoons of pure honey
  • Prepare 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Mix well honey and lemon
  • Use a mixture of honey and lemon on your acne
  • Let stand for 20 minutes
  • Afterwards, clean your face
  • Use this way every day to get the acne quickly gone
  1. Apply lemon meat directly

In addition to the above, you can also use lemon directly to remove acne. You can use the lemon meat and smear it directly on the face of the acne. However, when you apply lemon meat on the pimple, do not be surprised if it will feel sore on the skin. Pain in the skin indicates that vitamin C in lemon is working on your adult acne.

However, when you have sensitive skin, you should tone using a way other than this way. You can choose one of the ways for how to get rid of adult acne above so that the skin does not get irritated. If you have sensitive skin and apply lemon juice directly on the skin, you may experience redness, excessive tenderness or itching.

  1. Drink lemon juice

Lemon juice is quite helpful in reducing wrinkles and as adult acne treatment too. It is so versatile that it is commonly used for culinary, cosmetic as well as medicinal purposes. It has excellent bleaching properties that can lighten the marks of any scars. Lemons may be used in a variety of ways to make the most efficient natural toner for oily and dry skin also. It also helps in the production of bile which is needed to break down lipids and fats. Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acids along with vitamin C, each of which is thought to be good for the hide. It is rich in potassium, and it may help reduce the risk of such conditions.

Lemon juice is extremely powerful in removing blemishes and providing you a crystal clear skin. It is a natural bleaching agent, which can reduce the visibility of acne and acne scars just within a few weeks. It cleanses the pores to give you a healthy skin. It is 5 percent citric acid, which is why it has a tart taste, but it is one of the most alkaline food and help to restore the balance of the body of people which are used to an acidic diet. It is also known as a natural skin lightener, and so, it can be used to lighten or reduce the appearance of dark, discolored spots, acne and scars. You’ve got a healthier lemon juice ready.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon juice

  • Prepare 2 fresh lemons
  • Sugar to taste
  • Squeeze the lemon and grab the water
  • Place lemon juice on glass, pour hot or cold water
  • Add sugar to taste
  • Drink lemon juice daily to get rid of acne
  1. Lemon and banana

Bananas provide a lot of health benefits. It’s possible for you to place the banana in a grinder to have a pulp like consistency. Banana hydrates the epidermis and avoids the greasy appearance. Due to its intense moisturization, it helps in smoothing the skin and preventing wrinkles. It can be used for enhancing the beauty as well as nourishing the skin. Bananas are known for many advantages and this is ways how to get rid of adult acne. It peels include lutein, an additional carotenoid along with antioxidant properties. Bananas (commonly called natures botox) contain Potassium, which is ideal for healing blemishes on the epidermis. And you can combine banana with lemon for adult acne treatment.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon and banana

  • Prepare 1 lemon, squeeze and grab the water
  • Blend 1 banana
  • Mix bananas that have been mashed with lemon juice
  • Use the mixture for a face mask
  • Apply face mask, let stand for 30 minutes
  • Wash your face with water
  • Use a lemon and banana mask twice a week
  1. Lemon and oatmeal

Lemon and oatmeal are ideal for skin care. It is a common home remedy for acne. Employing lemon juice is a beneficial ingredient, but eating a better diet and guarding your skin against damage is at least as important. You can apply fresh lemon juice to your skin to wash and reduce oiliness and adult acne from the upper layer of the epidermis. Use lemon and oatmeal to remove the oiliness in your skin, that’s the main cause of acne. Acne is the most typical problem that bothers youth. Many times acne is the consequence of fluctuating hormones.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon and oatmeal

  • Prepare 1 lemon, squeeze and grab the water
  • Place 3 tablespoons of oatmeal in a bowl
  • Mix oatmeal with lemon juice, stirring until it becomes a paste
  • Clean face with warm water
  • Apply oatmeal and lemon paste on face, let stand for 20 minutes
  • Clean face with water
  • Use oatmeal and lemon masks 3 times a week
  1. Lemon and celery leaves

Celery leaves have an excellent nutrient content for your skin health. Some of the nutrients in celery leaves include vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. You can make acne treatment by combining lemon and celery leaves.

How to get rid of adult acne with lemon and celery leaves

  • Prepare 15 celery leaves, mashed until smooth
  • Mix the celery leaves that have been smashed with lemon juice to taste
  • After clean your face, apply your face with a mixture of celery and lemon leaves
  • Let stand for 30 minutes
  • Wash your face thoroughly
  • For maximum results, use lemon and celery 3 times


Tips for safe using lemon to get rid of acne

  1. Use a skin moisturizer

To avoid itching and dry skin, rinse your face with clean water then dry. After that use the usual facial moisturizer you use. If you have acne, wear a particular moisturizer for acne prone skin and is suitable for your facial skin.

  1. Stay indoors after you use lemon

After you apply the lemon to the facial skin, stay in the room at least 30 minutes after using lemon. This is because the lemon can make the skin becomes sensitive when exposed to sunlight.

  1. Avoid using lemon directly on sensitive skin

Because lemon can make skin painful, if you have sensitive skin, it’s good you do not use the lemon meat directly for adult acne treatment. Avoid applying lemon directly on your skin because it can potentially cause irritation and excessive pain in your skin. You should combine some other materials when utilizing.

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