20 Hormonal Acne Treatment That Works Quickly Just in 3 Days

hormonal acne treatment

Learn hormonal acne treatment that work quickly just in 3 days. Here you will find best treatment for hormonal acne.

Hormonal acne is one of the skin problems, especially in adolescents. Acne due to unbalanced hormones in both men and women causes a loss of confidence. Coupled with the ignorance of how to stabilize the acne-causing hormone, it adds more complicated problems. There is much speculation about the cause of acne. But one thing for sure is that acne can arise due to hormonal fluctuations.


What is Hormonal Acne?

Not only in puberty, but these hormones can also trigger the appearance of acne at different ages, and more often experienced by women. In women, acne can occur due to hormonal changes leading up to menopause, menstruation, polycystic ovary syndrome, and high levels of androgen hormones.

This is why, in addition to adolescent women, it is estimated that 50% of women ages 20-29 and 25% of women aged 40-49 years still experience acne. Some women may even experience acne after menopause due to a drastic decrease in estrogen levels and an increase in androgen hormones. Even newborns can also experience acne caused by exposure to hormones from the mother during the womb. Also, hormonal imbalances due to certain health conditions can also lead to the appearance of acne.

Acne caused by hormones during puberty usually arise in the area of T in the face, the forehead, chin, and nose. In adults, acne more often appears at the bottom of the face, including the cheeks and jaws.


What Causes Hormonal Acne?

In case you have acne your face needs to be washed at least two times per day, and no facial products that include oil should ever be used. There are several ways to take care of acne, but there are just a particular set of circumstances before your menstrual cycle that may cause it. Hormonal acne differs for every single woman.

There are different kinds of acne causes. It is complicated. It may also be present during your period as well as before. It can also appear when the stress of birth causes the baby’s body to release hormones on its own. Hormonal acne is such that it cannot be predicted. If your hormonal acne is exceptionally mild, you might not have other noticeable hormonal symptoms, but the majority of people have no less than a few.

Below are some of the causes of hormonal acne.

  • Menopause

Some women experience acne during menopause; this is due to a decrease in estrogen levels or an increase in androgen hormones.

  • Menstruation

The menstrual period is often characterized by hormonal changes and before the period of menstruation usually women often acne. Acne at the time of menstrual (before and before menstruation) is also called hormonal acne.

  • Increased androgen hormones

Increased androgen hormones in men can cause acne. The abnormal condition of the skin caused by oil glands (sebaceous gland) is excessive. This is what causes the blockage of the hair follicle channel and the pores of the skin.


20 Hormonal acne treatment that works quickly

  1. Baking Soda

Now you no longer need to worry because many natural ingredients that can be used to overcome acne, one of which is by using baking soda. By utilizing baking soda, you can even remove acne within one night only.

Baking soda is a chemical salt that does have many benefits, not only to overcome the problem of acne, baking soda also serves as a natural cleanser, and also can refresh the skin with an instant. So it can be used as complete beauty products. In addition to functioning as I say this baking soda is also proven to be very effective in removing acne stone and cure it, drying, then also can lift dead skin cells.

Hormonal acne treatment with baking soda

  • Prepare 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Mix the lemon juice with baking soda until it becomes a paste
  • Apply a paste on your face, let stand for 15 minutes
  • After that wash your face and use this method every day until your acne dry


  1. Honey and cinnamon

Cinnamon is among the oldest spices utilized in India that is famous for its medicinal and beauty benefits. Cinnamon fully being a fantastic supply of manganese, fiber, iron, antiseptic and calcium. Honey has a very low pH value, which aids in controlling the pH level of the epidermis. Certain kinds of honey and cinnamon have to be used for this. Both honey and cinnamon can reduce your cholesterol levels by themselves.

Honey was proven to enhance the full cholesterol panel and improved blood glucose. Actually, in the USA alone, there are more than 300 different forms of honey available. Honey and cinnamon may work with each other to lower inflammation.

Hormonal acne treatment with honey and cinnamon

  • Prepare 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Mix the cinnamon and honey powder, stirring until it becomes a paste
  • Apply the paste on acne for 20 minutes
  • Rinse face with water until clean
  • For maximum results, use this method every day


  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is useful for reducing inflammation in acne. This type of oil is found in facial cleansers and toner. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial and antiseptic that serves to prevent skin infections. For hormonal acne treatment, you can use tea tree oil directly on acne. Take a few drops of tea tree oil on cotton, then apply on your acne. Use this natural oil every day before bedtime, after 30 minutes, rinse the face thoroughly.


  1. Consumption of green tea

Green tea contains high antioxidants that are beneficial for skin health. Also, green tea also contains vitamin C and other minerals to maintain skin beauty. This tea can remove toxins from the body and overcome dry skin. If you frequently experience hormonal acne, you can use green tea for immediate consumption.

To get rid of acne, you can consume green tea twice a day, ie, morning and evening. By drinking green tea regularly as the hormonal acne treatment, you can get healthy skin that is acne-free.


  1. Diet

Diet turned out to be one of the hormonal acne treatment is powerful. In the diet program, some foods can prevent and treat acne, especially inflammation. Vegetable foods contain high antioxidants, including fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants come from plant foods you consume on a diet. At the time of this diet program, you also have to limit some foods that can trigger acne.

Some foods that you should avoid during hormonal acne treatment are:

  • Dairy products
  • Foods that contain excess sugar
  • Carbohydrates like white bread and pasta
  • Red meat


  1. Lemons

Lemon is one of the antibacterial and natural antiseptics that can treat acne. Lemon also contains vitamin C is useful to ward off free radicals, as an antioxidant and also maintain skin health. You can make lemon juice, use lemon directly or mix lemon with other natural ingredients to overcome hormonal acne.

You can use lemon as a hormonal acne treatment this way.

  • Prepare 1 lemon, squeeze and grab the water
  • 2 tablespoons green tea powder
  • Mix the green tea powder with lemon and use for your acne for 25 minutes


  1. Diligent to clean the face

An easy and cheap way to treat hormonal acne is to cleanse your face regularly. Skincare is critical to clean your face from dirt, dust and make up your makeup. If you rarely clean the face, dead skin cells accumulate, and the pores of the face are covered with the dirt. This can lead to acne.

Therefore, you can choose hormonal acne treatment in this way.

  • Wash your face every day in the morning and at night
  • Wash your face with a facial foam that fits your skin type
  • Dry your face after you wash it
  • Use sunscreen on a daily basis, especially if you want to do outdoor activities at 9:00 AM – 03:00 PM
  • Use noncomedogenic products to prevent clogged pores


  1. Use of anti-androgen

Using anti-androgen drugs is one of the hormonal acne treatments. This medication works by reducing androgen hormones. If the hormone androgen too much, this hormone will increase oil production in the skin. Also, too many androgen hormones can also interfere with hair follicles that regulate skin cells.

By using anti-androgen drugs, this hormone can be controlled so that it is not excessive in the body. Before using this hormonal acne treatment, you can consult a doctor. The use of anti-androgen drugs aims to overcome the androgen excess so you should consider your doctor.


  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances that are useful to get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Gel aloe vera also cures rashes and prevents discoloration after acne treatment. By using aloe vera gel, you can also get a clean and smooth skin.

Hormonal acne treatment with aloe vera

  • Take 2 medium-sized aloe vera, slice both ends
  • Take aloe vera gel and then apply aloe vera to your face
  • Allow the gel to dry, then wash your face with warm water


  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

Alpha Acid Hydroxy Acids or AHA is a hormonal acne treatment derived from citrus fruits. AHA is a vegetable acid that can be obtained on citrus fruits, and this acid is sufficient to overcome acne. AHA is useful for removing dead skin cells that clog the pores of the face. By using AHA, acne can be prevented and overcome.

You can get AHA on some beauty products like face mask and moisturizer. Although AHA can eliminate acne, AHA can also make the skin sensitive if your skin is exposed to the sun. If you use AHA as the hormonal acne treatment, you should use sunscreen to make your skin less painful.


  1. Retinoids

Retinoids can be used to treat hormonal acne, but if your acne is mild. Retinoids come from vitamin A and can be found in various creams, lotions, and gels in the cosmetics store. However, if you use this ingredient to get rid of acne, you should consult your doctor before using it.

Retinoids can make the skin more sensitive if the skin exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the use of retinoid as a hormonal acne treatment should be prescribed by a doctor. The purpose of this ingredient can increase the risk of sunburn that makes the skin more sensitive.


  1. Turmeric mask

Turmeric is a natural material that contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric content is useful to kill the bacteria that cause acne. Anti-inflammatory on turmeric serves to reduce inflammation of acne. Turmeric antioxidants are helpful in protecting the skin from free radical damage. Below you can use turmeric to get rid of acne.

Hormonal acne treatment with turmeric mask

  • Prepare 1 tablespoon turmeric powder
  • 1 lime fruit, split in half and grab water for juice
  • Mix turmeric powder, add lime juice and mix well
  • Apply turmeric and lime mixture on acne, let stand for 20 minutes
  • After that rinse face clean
  1. Tomato paste

Making tomato paste is one way of overcoming hormonal acne. Tomatoes contain vitamin C and vitamin E to maintain healthy skin. For those of you who have oily skin, you can use tomato paste. These natural ingredients efficiently remove dead skin cells that cause oily skin.

Hormonal acne treatment with tomato paste

  • Prepare 1 tomato and puree it into paste
  • Clean the face and then apply a paste on the face of acne
  • Allow pasta for 30 minutes
  • After that rinse your face
  • Use this method 2 times a day to get rid of acne
  1. Green coconut water

Green coconut water can also be used for a hormonal acne treatment. Coconut water has antioxidants and cytokines that help remove acne scars, reduce acne-causing bacteria and help combat inflammation in acne. Consumption of coconut water regularly makes the skin healthier, smoother and look younger.

To get the benefits of young coconut water, cut the still green coconut and pour the water into the glass. You can consume some young coconut water; some use to wash your face. Do this every day for maximum results as a hormonal acne treatment.

  1. Egg whites

Egg white is often used as a face mask because of the protein and vitamin content contained therein. Egg whites are used for removing various types of acne including hormonal acne. You can get rid of this acne by using an egg white mask.

Hormonal acne treatment with egg white

  • Prepare 1 egg
  • Break the eggs and separate them between egg whites and egg yolks
  • Place the egg whites in a bowl, stirring until it becomes a paste
  • Use egg white pasta for a mask for 20 minutes
  • After that wash your face with warm water until clean, repeat with cold water
  • Use this method 3 times a week
  1. Olive oil

Olive oil is very beneficial for skin health and beauty. This oil is often used for various beauty products. You can eliminate hormonal acne by utilizing the great benefits of olive oil. The antioxidant content of olive oil is useful for treating different skin problems as well as hormonal acne.

Hormonal acne treatment with olive oil

  • Prepare 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Cotton to taste
  • Clean your face
  • Apply olive oil on the face of acne
  • Let the olive oil soak for up to 30 minutes
  • After that rinse face with water until clean
  • Do this every day until your acne is healed
  1. Steam therapy

Steam therapy has fantastic benefits for your skin especially your skin. This treatment is also beneficial to remove all types of acne. If you have hormonal acne, you can choose this hormonal acne treatment. Water vapor that seeps into the skin will open the pores of the face is blocked so that the surface can breathe.

Steam therapy helps remove dirt and bacteria and removes the oil trapped in hair follicles. When dirt, dust, bacteria, and oil are trapped in hair follicles, it can cause inflammation or acne. Steam therapy can be done at home without having the salon on the way below.

Hormonal acne treatment with steam therapy

  • Prepare the pan
  • Boil 3 cups water to boiling
  • Pour water on a pan and add 2 teaspoons of salt
  • Cover your head and face with a towel
  • Put your head 30cm above the pan
  • Let the water vapor permeate on your skin for 15 minutes
  • After that dry face
  • Use this method every day to remove your hormonal acne
  1. Garlic

Garlic contains antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral that can overcome various skin problems. If you are acne, you can use this one material. Garlic can be used as a powerful acne treatment. Also, garlic also has a sulfur content that speeds up your hormonal acne healing.

Hormonal acne treatment with garlic

  • Take 4 cloves of garlic
  • Grind the garlic
  • Clean your face with warm water
  • Apply garlic on the part of acne, let stand for 30 minutes
  • After that wash your face with water
  • Repeat this way 3 times a week for best results
  1. Cucumber

Cucumber contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Some of these vitamins are beneficial to maintain healthy skin. Cucumber also has the effect of cooling the skin instantly. This is very good if you apply to the inflammation around your acne. Also, to eliminate acne, cucumber is also useful to reduce the excess oil on the face. That way, you can avoid acne. To take advantage of cucumber, you can try the way below.

Hormonal acne treatment with cucumber

  • Prepare 1 cucumber, peel the skin
  • Eliminate the contents of cucumber and grab the meat only
  • Mash the cucumber until smooth and can be used for the mask
  • Oleksan cucumber mask on your face for 30 minutes
  • After that wash your face with water
  • Do this 2 times a day to get rid of your acne
  1. Sandalwood mask

Sandalwood is useful to minimize the pores of the skin and eliminate excess oil content in the face. These natural ingredients help reduce inflammation in acne and remove impurities from the skin. By using sandalwood, you can reduce acne, remove black spots and also other scars. If you have hormonal acne, you can apply a sandalwood powder as a treatment in the following way.

Hormonal acne treatment with sandalwood mask

  • Prepare 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder
  • Rose water to taste
  • Bowl and face brush
  • Pour sandalwood powder into the bowl, add the rose water into the bowl
  • Stir the mixture into a paste
  • Use paste as a face mask for 20 minutes
  • After that rinse your face with cold water
  • Do this 3 times a week to get rid of your acne