Home Acne Treatment : 12 Powerful Remedies Using Rice Water

home acne treatment with rice water

Home acne treatment with rice water is powerful remedies. Rice water is one of home treatment that we can use for beauty, one of them is to eliminate acne. Many facial therapies utilize rice such as rice mask and rice soap. Since the first rice has been used to solve skin problems. If you want to keep your facial beauty, you can use rice water.

Rice water is water that is exposed to rice soak. You will get white rice water like milk. Similar to rice, rice water is also useful for beauty, and one of them is to overcome the problem of acne. Rice water is also helpful to remove black spots and acne scars quickly.

Rice Water substances

Rice water has the nutrients your skin needs so you can use it for beauty. Some of the content of vitamins and minerals in rice water include:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin E
  • Carbohydrates
  • Squalane Oil
  • Allantoin
  • Oryzanol

Rice Water benefits for skin

With a variety of vitamins and minerals above, rice water is beneficial for your beauty. Some of the benefits you can get by routinely using these natural ingredients include:

  • Whiten the skin
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Natural skin cleanser
  • Prevent and overcome acne
  • Eliminate acne scars
  • Decrease the pores
  • Fade black spots
  • Control the excess oil on the face
  • Treating skin irritation
  • Refreshes the skin

12 home acne treatment with rice water

So, how the right way to use rice water to get rid of acne? The first step is to take the rice water you can make as below.

How to Make Rice Water

  • Prepare a cup of rice
  • Wash the rice thoroughly and dispose of the water
  • Put the rice in the container and add clean water
  • Stir the rice with your hands flat
  • Allow a 30-minute immersion so that the water is more nutritious
  • After 30 minutes, separate the rice with water
  • Rice water is ready for use

Here 12 quick and easy home acne treatment with rice water.

  1. Wash your face with rice water

Using rice water is also very beneficial for total wellbeing. It is much more useful than artificial beauty products. Your rice water is about to use. It is excellent for your face. It is perfect for your acne. It is rich in beauty minerals and vitamins that make it fantastic for home acne treatment. Rice water is a fast and efficient process to soothe burnt skin. Your homemade fermented rice water is prepared to use. Rice water is full of antioxidants which helps safeguard your skin from UV rays. It can give you that perfect porcelain finish you have always dreamt of. The rice water is appropriate for any skin type. It is one of the most effective remedies for acne.

Home acne treatment with rice water

  • Make a water bath
  • Use rice water to wash your face


Rice water contains many vitamins and minerals that are useful for skin beauty. Wash your face with water immersed rice every morning and evening.


  1. Rice water mask and jicama

Jicama contains high vitamin C as a potent antioxidant is trustworthy for healthier skin. It helps eliminate free radicals that have been associated with heart disease and cancer. Together with that, it’s also high in vitamin C, which functions as an antioxidant and aids in reducing blood cholesterol levels. This vitamin is just one of the causes sharpness of memory and cognition, and jicama has vitamin B6 in sizeable numbers. The most significant vitamins are included in the jicama is vitamin C.

Using home acne treatment such as Jicama that is full of vitamin C is essential for total healthy skin. Make a mask from jicama and rice water to get rid of acne at home. You can try the ingredients below for acne quickly disappear.

Home acne treatment with rice and jicama

  • Prepare a half cup of rice
  • Prepare 4 tablespoons of jicama powder
  • Soak the rice with one cup of water and let stand for 1 -2 hours
  • Separate the rice water bath from the rice
  • Mix the powder jicama and add a little rice water immersion until it can be used for the mask
  • Use the jicama mask 3 times a week for maximum results


  1. Rice water to compress

Rice water is one of the natural facial cleansers because of the content of vitamins and minerals inside. Vitamins in rice water include vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Some of these vitamins effectively reduce large pores of the skin, soften the skin and as a protective skin of free radicals. Rice water is also suitable for whitening skin, removing acne scars and treating acne. So, if all this you are confused how to get rid of acne naturally, you can use this home acne treatment.

The content of vitamin C in rice water is excellent as an antioxidant. The presence of these antioxidants protects the skin from harmful UV rays. In addition to vitamins, rice water also contains protein, gluten, allantoin, carbohydrates, and cellulose. Allantoin in rice water is used as an anti-inflammatory agent. This substance works to overcome the inflammation of acne and reduce your acne.

Home acne treatment with rice water to compress

  • Make a rice water bath like step number 1
  • Prepare 4 pieces of clean cotton
  • Dip the cotton into the rice water, paste the cotton on all faces face until evenly distributed
  • Allow the cotton to stick to the face for 20 minutes
  • Do not rinse the face of water the rice is completely absorbed in the skin


  1. Rice Water and lemon

Lemon is a high vitamin C fruit and an acid that effectively removes acne and acne scars. In addition to vitamin C, lemon also contains vitamin B2, vitamin B Tompkins, citric acid, essential oils, calories, and fat. Citron acid in lemon is useful to ward off free radicals and keep skin healthy. While essential oils of the lemon are used to tighten the skin.

You can make home acne treatment by using lemon juice and rice water. This way you can do at home to overcome various kinds of acne. The content of vitamin C and Ballantine in rice water is very useful in killing acne-causing bacteria. Therefore, you can combine lemon and rice water for acne treatment at home.

Home acne treatment with rice water and lemon

  • Make a water bath
  • Squeeze the lemon and grab the water
  • Mix water with lemon juice
  • Use a mixture of rice water and lemon juice to wash your face every morning and night


  1. Rice Water and egg whites

Egg white is often used to maintain skin health and beauty. This material is also commonly used as a home acne treatment. Egg whites contain vitamin B3, protein, potassium, riboflavin, magnesium and lysozyme enzymes. Magnesium is a mineral that serves to maintain the freshness of facial skin. While the enzyme lysozyme helps to keep the elasticity of the facial skin. Egg white is often used as a mask to remove acne; this is because egg white contains the nutrients it needs a face.

One cause of acne is stress, and vitamin B3 in egg whites effectively prevent stress. Thus, egg whites are acne treatments that you can make at home. For best results, add rice water to the egg white mask as below.

Home acne treatment with rice water and egg white

  • Make a water bath with a little water
  • Prepare a single egg and egg white only
  • Mix water with egg whites
  • Use a mixture of egg whites and rice water for a face mask and let stand for 15 minutes
  • Clean face with warm water then rinse with cold water


  1. Rice Water and turmeric powder

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that are used to overcome various skin problems. One of the skin problems that can be solved with turmeric is acne. You can use this natural ingredient for home acne treatment of different acne despite inflammation of acne.

Turmeric contains vitamin C, protein, carbohydrates, iron zar, calcium, and phosphorus. Antiseptic content in turmeric is useful for killing bacteria that cause acne. In addition to eliminating acne, turmeric also removes acne scars. You can make a mask from turmeric powder with other materials. Add rice water to turmeric powder and use as a face mask the following way.

Home acne treatment with rice water and turmeric powder

  • Prepare 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder
  • Prepare 2-3 tablespoons of rice water
  • Make a mixture of turmeric powder and rice water, pour rice to turmeric powder into a mask
  • Use a water mask of rice and turmeric on the face and leave for 30 minutes

Note: Use a water mask of rice and turmeric 2 times a week for best results


  1. Rice water and oatmeal

Oatmeal is not only delicious to eat, but oatmeal is also beneficial for your facial beauty. Oatmeal is one of the best home acne treatments that treat acne quickly. Oatmeal helps overcome oily, dull skin and lifts dead skin cells. Oatmeal contains vitamins, minerals and iron that are beneficial to skin health. Also, this natural ingredient also contains anti-bacterial substances that are used to kill the bacteria that cause acne.

Antioxidants in oatmeal are useful to prevent the appearance of acne. This is because antioxidants counteract free radicals that can cause acne. So, oatmeal is perfect to ward off and treat your acne. To get rid of acne, you can make an oatmeal mask with rice water.

Home acne treatment with rice water mask and oatmeal

  • Prepare a half cup of oatmeal
  • Mix the oatmeal with rice water until it becomes a mask
  • Use an oatmeal mask and rice water on the face
  • Leave the mask for 30 minutes then rinse face with water


  1. Rice Water and tomatoes

Tomato is one of the natural ingredients used for various beauty and health products. Tomatoes can be an effective home acne treatment because this fruit contains vitamins and minerals needed by the skin. Tomato nutritional content includes lycopene, beta-carotene, folic acid, choline, lutein, phosphorus, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, C, and K.

Acidic substances in tomatoes is a natural compound that is useful to overcome acne. Tomatoes are also helpful in reducing excess oil on the facial skin. One cause of acne is excessive oil content in the skin of the face. Therefore, tomatoes are a natural remover of acne. You can make a tomato mask to remove acne with other ingredients such as rice water. In addition to eliminating acne, tomato mask is also used to brighten the skin and prevent acne coming back. You can make a mask of tomato and rice water as in the treatment below.

Home acne treatment with rice water and tomato

  • Blend one tomato
  • Add enough water to the rice
  • Use rice water and tomatoes as a face mask
  • Leave the mask for 30 minutes and then clean the face
  • Afterwards, wash face with water


  1. Rice water and strawberry

Strawberry contains vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E needed for skin health. In addition to vitamins, strawberries also contain minerals, protein, salicylic acid and hydroxy alpha acid. This fruit is widely used to treat facial skin and as a home acne treatment. The content of salicylic acid and alpha hydroxic acid in strawberry useful to remove dead skin cells. With both substances, the skin becomes smoother, brighter, not greasy and free of acne.

The content of vitamin C in strawberry useful to clean and brighten the skin. Strawberry can remove dirt and dust from the skin of the face to prevent the accumulation of dirt on the pores of the face. Strawberry is a natural ingredient that you can use to overcome various kinds of acne. You can make a mask from strawberry and rice water at home to treat acne.

Home acne treatment with rice water and strawberry

  • Prepare 3 fresh strawberries and then puree
  • Prepare 2 tablespoons of rice water
  • Mix strawberries that have been smoothed with rice water
  • Use mixture as a mask
  • Leave the mask for 30 minutes, then wipe the face with water
  • Use rice water and strawberry mask twice a week


  1. Rice water and lemon as toner

Lemon is often used as the home acne treatment; this is because lemon is antibacterial. Lemon juice kills acne-causing bacteria and makes skin brighter. Lemon is also rich in vitamins such as vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D. While minerals in the lemon are magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

Toner from lemon and rice water is good for oily skin. One of the causes of acne on the face is the level of excess oil. Thus, using toner from the lemon is used to reduce excess oil levels while preventing and overcoming acne. Not only that, but lemon can also smooth the skin by minimizing the pores of your face. So, you can make toner from rice water and lemon as below.

Home acne treatment with rice water and lime

  • Prepare 1 cup of rice water
  • 1 orange juice, squeeze the water
  • Combine lime juice with rice water, mix well
  • Use the mixture as a toner
  • Use clean cotton, dip into a mixture of lemon juice and rice water
  • Apply cotton on face, let stand for 30 minutes
  • After that wash your face clean

Use home acne treatment from rice water and lime juice daily for best results.


  1. Rice water and celery leaves

Celery leaves are famous for anti-hypertensive drugs, but these leaves are also known as acne medications. You can use celery leaves as a home acne treatment. Celery contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E are beneficial for skin beauty. The content of vitamin B and vitamin C in celery is useful to reduce excess oil on the face.

Celery is useful to remove dead skin cells that accumulate in the face. Not only that, but celery also contains high antioxidants that play a role in treating acne. The natural content of celery leaves absorbs more rapidly on skin tissue cells. If you want to get rid of acne faster, use celery leaves as a mask. Add rice water to the mask to get the best results.

Home acne treatment with rice water and celery leaves

  • Prepare 20 pieces of celery leaves, mash until smooth and grab the water
  • Mix water celery leaves with 250 ml rice water
  • Mix the mixture flat
  • Use a mixture to wash your face 2 times a day
  • For best results, use this method before you sleep and the morning after waking


  1. Rice water and betel leaf

Betel leaf is a natural antiseptic that is used to overcome various skin problems. Betel leaf contains multiple active compounds including styptic, vulnerary, eugenol, stomachic and alkaloids. This leaf also contains essential oils that are useful for killing germs and bacteria. So, betel leaves you can use as a home acne treatment because of its nature as an antibacterial.

Not only that, but betel leaf also contains antioxidants that are polyphenols and flavonoids that keep the skin from the dangers of UV rays. These antioxidants are also useful to prevent acne and treat it. As an antiseptic, you can use betel leaf to wash your face with acne. Nutrition content in rice water is very good for the skin.

Home acne treatment with rice water and betel leaf

  • Prepare 100 ml of rice water
  • 10 pieces of betel leaf
  • 200 ml of water
  • Put water in a pan together with betel leaf, then heat to boiling
  • Turn off the stove after boiling water
  • Add rice water into betel leaf water, mix well
  • Use a mixture to wash your face 2 times a day
  • For maximum results, you can use this method every day

To get rid of acne, you can choose some home acne treatment above. Take advantage of natural ingredients for your skin beauty, share if this article is useful.